Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Weight Loss 8-16-08

Well, last week I went back to my diet / exercise plan from a year ago. I weighed 155 pounds on Wednesday the 6th(Weigh in Wednesday). On the 13th, I weighed in at 148! Good start.

I am cutting back on my carbs. I went from eating whatever & whenever the hell I wanted to to 180 carbs per day, with 150 being optimal. It's not much, doesn't leave room for snacks. Sigh...but it's necessary.

I plan to drop to about 130 pounds by November. About 2 pounds a week.

I walk my street on Mon., Wed. and Fridays. As I get back into shape, I'll walk further.

Why am I doing this??? For me, for starters. I feel bloated & ugly. My clothes don't fit any more - I'm down to 2 pairs of shorts! It will benefit me healthwise as well. My diabetes, blood pressure & energy levels will benefit.

Secondly, we are having company in December from our friend from England. When she last visited, I was so out of shape I couldn't enjoy anything.

I will post weekly on Wednesday's with an update. Thanks for reading.

Say a prayer for us that "Hurricane" Fay doesn't hit us hard here in Florida.

See you again soon. D :)

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