Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Weight Loss Check In 8-22


I'm late this week. Due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay, I've had other things on my mind lately! LOL

Well, we're at a stand still right now. Walking was OUT this week with the wind & rain, but I managed to remain at 148!! Yay me!! Stress makes me eat, so I did well there. AND....I haven't had one salad! Been eating lots of veggies, but no salad. The dressing kills me. I LOVElovelove Bleu Cheese! Highest in carbs & calories! I have been eating more fruit, too. I'd forgotten how much I like fruit. Guess I stopped eating it when we cut back on expenses, fruit can be a premium.

Back to the regular routine next week.

Fay has passed us without much damage or rain. Now it's mostly wind. She is headed out into the Gulf to restrengthen - geez! Thanks for all your prayers during this storm, they worked!!!

Will check back in next Wednesday with another update. Thanks so very much to all my friends for the encouragement!!!

D :)

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